A downloadable cute adventure for Windows

Pookies await!

In Pookie Island, you step into the moon boots of Space Kitty, whose adventure didn’t start quite as planned. You find yourself on a planet with islands inhabited by frogs and their elemental companions: Pookies, which will help you on your journey through these islands. Take on quests, solve puzzles & gather crystals to get back to your planet!


  • 36 crystals to gather & 180 shards to collect
  • 3 types of pookies, with their own set of abilities
  • Multiple quests to accomplish
  • Environmental puzzles to solve
  • 3 thematic islands to explore


Jere Joensuu
Otso Alenius

Elisa Pantea
Liisa Pirhonen
Karin Aimonen
Katariina Paulaniemi
Néd Richard

Miiro Kesti

Pookie Island was created as a student project by Games Academy students from the Tampere University of Applied Sciences. More info on the blog


Pookies v1.0.rar 244 MB


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Made a video


Thanks for playing our game! Seems you got confused about crystals, which are actually the "purple stones"! The yellow gems are shards that transform into a crystal once you gather 30 of them.. but that's on us for not explaining it more clearly :')